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1930-31 Ford Apron Fill Saddle Fuel Tanks

From Tanks, Inc.
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1930-31 Ford Apron Fill Saddle Fuel Tanks

NOTE: The 1930-31 Ford Model A saddle fuel tanks are not recommended for Fuel Injected cars & trucks.  Photo is shown with optional fuel senders. The size of each tank is 38" x 7" x 9-3/4".  Each tank requires its own 5 bolt hole fuel sending unit.

Since these tanks bolt to the outside of the frame the original mechanical brakes can not be used with these tanks.

30-31 Model A Install

Bolt on with running board brackets... Cut 1.5" hole in splash apron... Install Grommet and billet cap plug... Plumb and wire... Done!

Works on cars and trucks.

Model A Saddle Tank Filler

The 1-3/4" diameter Billet Cap-Plugs & Grommets are included with both Model A fuel tank kits.  To fill your saddle tanks, remove billet cap-plug, insert fuel nozzle through grommet and into the push-thru cap. it will open to let fuel pass through. When finished remove the fuel nozzle and the push-thru cap shuts. Now just insert the Billet plug and you're finished.

30-31 Model A Photo


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1930-31 Ford Polyethylene Saddle Fuel Tank Kit

Quantity:   Only  $445.00
Chrome Toggle Switch for Switch Over Valves - Double Pull-Double Throw (Not Included with Tanks)

Quantity:   Only  $16.00

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