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Optional Fuel Sending Unit

From Tanks, Inc.
Optional Fuel Sending Unit

Our optional fuel tank senders mount with five mounting screws. They work on fuel tanks from 6 to 24 inches deep by cutting to length using the instructions included. Since fuel tank senders only read resistance to ground they work on all 6-24 volt systems positive or negative ground. They do not have a fuel pickup tube built into them as some original senders may have.  Made with a high quality ceramic board rheostat. Our fuel senders are available for the following applications. 

                       Application Listing:

  • SW - SW gauges - 240-33 Ohms
  • VDO - VDO gauges - 10-180 Ohms
  • GME - GM up to 1964 - 0-30 Ohms
  • GML - GM 1965 and up - 0-90 Ohms
  • ORG - Early Ford & Mopar - 73-10 Ohms

The first number of the (Ohms) represents empty and the following is for full.

For more information click here

Fuel Tank Sending Unit SW Type 5 Hole Design - 240-33 Ohms

Quantity:   Only  $35.00
Fuel Tank Sending Unit VDO Type 5 Hole Design - 10-180 Ohms

Quantity:   Only  $35.00
Fuel Tank Sending Unit GM to 1964 Type 5 Hole Design - 0-30 Ohms

Quantity:   Only  $35.00
Fuel Tank Sending Unit GM 1965 & UP Type 5 Hole Design - 0-90 Ohms

Quantity:   Only  $35.00
Fuel Tank Sending Unit Early Ford & Mopar Type 5 Hole Design - 73-10 Ohms

Quantity:   Only  $35.00

  More Information : 
  Fuel Sender Instructions
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