1928-29 Ford Apron Fill Saddle Fuel Tanks

From Tanks, Inc.

NOTE: The 1928-29 Ford Model A saddle fuel tanks are not recommended for Fuel Injected cars & trucks.  Photo is shown with optional fuel senders. The size of each tank is 38" x 7-3/4" x 9-1/2".  Each tank requires its own 5 bolt hole fuel sending unit.

Since these tanks bolt to the outside of the frame the original mechanical brakes can not be used with these tanks.

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Product Details

Model A Saddle Tank Install

Bolt on with running board brackets... Cut 1.5" hole in splash apron... Install Grommet and billet cap plug... Plumb and wire... Done!

Works on cars and trucks.


The 1-3/4" diameter Billet Cap-Plugs & Grommets are included with both Model A fuel tank kits. To fill your saddle tanks, remove billet cap-plug, insert fuel nozzle through grommet and into the push-thru cap. it will open to let fuel pass through. When finished remove the fuel nozzle and the push-thru cap shuts. Now just insert the Billet plug and you're finished.


28EZ 28-29 Ford Apron Fill Saddle Tanks



 Only  $445.00
1928-29 Ford Polyethylene Saddle Fuel Tank Kit

 Only  $16.00
Chrome Toggle Switch for Switch Over Valves - Double Pull-Double Throw (Not Included with Tanks)

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