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Genuine Walbro TBI In-Tank Fuel Pumps

From Tanks, Inc.
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Genuine Walbro TBI In-Tank Fuel Pumps

Don't be fooled by cheap counterfit In-Tank fuel pumps. These are the real deal. We only rely on  Genuine Walbro 109, 190 and 255 liter per hour fuel pumps. Walbro pumps are the highest quality Hi-Performance pumps available today.  These are the replacement pumps for our PA and GP Series in-tank pump kits.  We recommend Walbro pumps when building your own in-tank fuel pump kits. 

Walbro TBI Fuel Pump

Walbro 5CA-401 Fuel Pump Shown with 94-696 plug adaptor

Genuine Walbro TBI In-Tank Fuel Pumps - 109 Liters per Hour

Quantity:   Only  $79.00
Fuel Pump Filter Sock For TBI Pump

Quantity:   Only  $6.00
Walbro Plug to Spade Terminal TBI Fuel Pump Adapter Plug

Quantity:   Only  $5.00
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