Universal Fuel Line Kit

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Universal Fuel Line Kit
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Product Details

Universal Fuel Line Kit without Fuel Regulator

This kit includes 25 feet of line and all or most of the fittings that you need to plumb your fuel system when using a Tanks Inc. fuel pump.  This will give you all the fittings needed to plumb a FI-Tech system and most fittings to plumb systems that use an external fuel regulator such as MSD Atomic, Holley Terminator, FAST EZ-EFI etc..  If you have a LS engine this would get you all fittings with the exception of the fuel rail adapter fittings.

Parts included in this kit:

  • # FF-10  Fuel Filter
  • # 640853 (x2)  Quick Disconnect Fittings for Fuel Filter
  • # 660443 (x2)  1/4" NPT to -6AN Fuel Pump Adapter Fittings
  • 624013 (x6)  Russell Straight -6AN Straight Twist-Lok Fittings
  • 634173 (25 feet)  Russell -6AN Black Twist-Lok Fuel Hose  

**Please note: the LS-LINE-KIT will work with all tanks except the following:

UT-N Series, 48G, , 48-CG, 51-CG, 53-CG, 48-CGX, 51-CGX, and 53-CGX

The tanks listed above require the U-LINE-KIT45.  This kit has two 45 degree fittings instead of straight.  These tanks have a recessed bowl where the fuel pump is mounted.  The 45 degree fittings point up out of the bowl for easier accessibility.

Additional Information

Fuel Line Kit Installation

Black Twist-Lok Hose
For the enthusiast looking for a quality performance hose while wanting to save assembly time and money, Russell Twist-Lok hose is the way to go. Flexible and lightweight, this hose is ideal for most automotive applications. Compatible with hydrocarbon and alcohol based fuel, lubricants and additives. Lightweight and flexible and works with all AN adapter fittings. Use with reusable twist-Lok hose ends with pressure rated up to 250 psi - suitable for most fuel and oil systems.

Russell Twist Lok Hose Installation
 Only  $195.00
Universal Fuel Line Kit

 Only  $207.00
Universal Fuel Line Kit with 2 45 Degree Hose Ends

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