• Product Details

Product Details

Only Tank's, Inc. makes a Reproduction Tank with these Features:

  • Large 3/8" NPT Internal Pickup Tube 
  • Internal Reservoir Tray - Absolute Necessity for Fuel Injection
  • Optional In-Tank Fuel Pumps - Bolt-in! No Cutting or Welding!
  • Block-Off plate for non fuel injected cars
  • Includes mounting straps, gaskets & O-ring sealed screws
  • 53-CG Overall Size: 29-1/4" x 21-1/4" x 8-1/4"  (16 Gallons)

This tank has the pickup tube located in the stock position if you are running a carburetor. It also has an internal reservoir tray and an accessory opening for use with fuel injection. It will accept our optional GPA-series Fuel Pump kits as seen in our Fuel Pump Section.

When using the 53-CG tank with a GPA series pump a 3/8" NPT pipe plug will be needed to block off the internal fuel tank pickup tube.

Bargain Room

#945 Dent in bottom of tank

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